Why Food Additives Is Dangerous?

Why Food Additives Is Dangerous?

Why Food Additives Is Dangerous?

The use of food additives is certainly not new. It’s been present in the human diet.

Food additives are dangerous

There have been years of research and testing to prove that additives of any sort, organic or chemical, are harmful to our health. There are several studies that have revealed a growth in the rate of nervous disorders, skin issues, asthma attacks, fertility problems, and other ailments that are associated. Some of these additives are only as dangerous as drugs and toxins.

Food Additives Is Dangerous

An extensive long-term study was carried out by the American Cancer Society in the 1980s. This research concluded that using preservatives was among the major contributors to the growth in the prevalence of cancer. A couple of years after, the National Toxicology Program found that the substances used to preserve food are being discharged to the environment at an alarming speed.

The research also determined that compound additives are currently causing humans to, eat many creatures, which were protected by their genes. Examples of a few of the chemical additives found in our food would be the following:

An additive known as Dieldrin that’s used in eggs is supposed to induce cancers. Another compound called BHA (Bisphosphonomethyl) can be used in salmon along with this substance BHA(Biiminoamidopropionic acid) to boost the salmon taste. On the flip side, this additive has recently been banned in Europe, due to the effects on human test animals.

How many kinds of compound additives?

There are two kinds of compound additives: man-made and naturally occurring. They are consumed by the body in various ways, depending on how they’re ingested.

It was discovered that compound additives are absorbed into the blood. However, ingredients pass through the liver and are transported into different areas of the body by way of blood circulation. This manner, The majority of the chemicals passed through the lymph system.

Discovery of Chemicals in Foods.

Researchers have also found that the use of colorants is in charge of the food coloring sector. Since the discovery of sodium bromate or bromine, reacting to the dye with ammonia has made many colorings.

Bromine is known to react which makes them stringy and dull. Bromine was also discovered it can lead to death in kids and adults if ingested in large amounts.

Studies have found that its use in hair dye contains a variety of carcinogens while there’s absolutely no proof that bromine is a carcinogen. Overuse of hair dye is a common problem among women.

Several studies have found that food coloring and chemical additives are proven to contribute to the formation of birth defects. These additives are currently banned in many countries due to their potential dangers to human health.